So…..What’s Next?

  • Do you feel like you have lost your purpose…?
  • Do you feel like you are all alone in your struggles…?
  • Do you feel confused…just plain uncertain where to even begin to try to figure it out…?


There are a lot of emotions stirred up when we hit that wall of uncertainty. The big question just looms over your head…WHAT’S NEXT?!

I can almost hear your next statement. You know there needs to be a change but you have NO IDEA where to look for the solution, where to find the answers to your questions. I understand…and THIS is the reason I have put my thoughts in writing (download the first chapter for FREE). It is not that unusual….it seems we all are just suffering in silence….and alone.

regroupI am here to tell you, it IS possible to sort out all the pieces of the puzzle of your life and move them around and come up with a whole NEW picture that you could never have anticipated! One with purpose!! One FILLED with possibilities!

“What’s Next?” is an EXCELLENT next step! You will have the opportunity to work through the entire book “What’s Next? Rediscovering YOU in the midst of your changing world!” and see your life from a whole new perspective! Here is what you can expect at each step:

  • Three 45 minute calls with me, talking specifically about your individual situation!
  • Many thought provoking exercises to help you pull apart your life puzzle and put it back together in a whole new way!
  • Unlimited email support to help you along your personal journey…you are not alone!
  • Need extra support? Additional one on one coaching is also available beyond the initial calls.

Why not take that next step. You don’t have to walk this journey alone!! There is hope! Click HERE and take your FIRST step towards your NEXT step and join us!

Looking forward to connecting!

Cindy Taylor, Life Strategist




Before coaching with Cindy Taylor, I was not quite sure exactly what my strengths were, I was also not seeing positive relationships in my life, I wasn’t sure how to set boundaries and I was unsure of my purpose.  Cindy and I walked through a wonderful book called Conversations on Purpose for Women.  Going through this book, and having someone to walk me through it and discuss what I was working through at the time, was extremely valuable to me.  We talked about topics such as; purpose, surrendering, blockades to my purpose, relationships, balance (which is a big deal for a  busy working mom with special needs children) and what God was calling me to.  I was able to go away from each call with some things to think about, a new perspective, and a sense that someone had been there to listen to me. Cindy’s coaching has been invaluable to me and as a result, I have grown so much in areas such as; my purpose (I know what my strengths are now and how I can use them), my relationships (I know I need time for myself, and also know that I need to set boundaries with friends), motivation (since I have some future goals in writing now, it motivates me to complete them in a timely manner), and my work (I can now clearly see what my contribution is, and that I am valuable to my company, which allows me to apply for other jobs and articulate what value I can bring to other companies).  I would absolutely, 100% recommend Cindy as a life coach to anyone, because I am now enjoying a more peaceful life, and I am more driven towards my purpose and what God is calling me to! I’m so thankful!! – Melinda Benn